Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Company

Mikhail Gutseriev

Born on March 9, 1958 in the Town of Tselinograd, Kazakh SSR, in a large family. 

Finished secondary school in 1975.

Education and graduate degrees, titles:

  • Institute of Technology, Dzhambul, Kazakh SSR -  chemical process engineer.
  • Russian State Oil and Gas University named after Gubkin, Moscow - engineer, majoring in “Methods and Technology of Oil and Gas Engineering”.
  • Finance Academy under the Government of RF, Moscow  - economist, majoring in “Finance and Credits”.
  • St. Petersburg University of Law -  lawyer, majoring in “ Civil Law”.
  • Post graduate course at St. Petersburg University of Law, Master of Laws, “Criminal Procedural Law”.
  • Doctoral studies at the Russian Academy for Econoics named after G.V. Plekhanov, Doctor of Economics, majoring in “Free Economic Zones”.
  • Academician of “Russian Academy for Natural Sciences”.
  • Academician of International Academy for Informatization.
  • Academician of Russian Academy for  Social Sciences.
  • Academician of International Academy of Economics and Law.

Work record:

In 1975 started his labor activity as loader (warehouse worker) in the city Grozny.

1976 - 1982 worked at Dzhambul Factory of folk arts,  Dzhambul, Kazakh SSR, initially starting from a reel operator up to the foreman. Simultaneously he studied at chemical-engineering evening department of Dzhambul Technological Institute of light and food industry majoring in “Leather and Furs” and in 1981 successfully graduated.

1982 – Process Engineer, later- senior process engineer of Grozny Production Association at the Ministry of Local Industry of the RSFSR, Grozny. 

1983 – Head of Technological Department, later -  Head of Production Department of the enterprise. 

1984 - Senior workshop foreman.

1985 - Chief Engineer of the enterprise

1986 - 1992 - General Director of the association. 
At the early stage of tperestroika Mikhail Gutseriev founded a Russian-Italian joint venture, the first one in the Northern Caucasus, the furniture factory  CHIITAL . He became  a pioneer of private banking  business in the USSR. At the end of the 80-ths he founded one of the first cooperative banks in this country. 

In 1991 M.Gutseriev was elected Chairman of Businessmen Association of Checheno-Ingush ASSR. 

In 1992  he founded and headed industrial and financial company “BIN” in Moscow (Bank of Investments and Innovations). Since 1994 - President of the Joint Stock Commercial Bank”Bin”. 

In 1994 M. Gutseriev was elected President of BIN Consortium, which consolidated   industrial enterprises, trading and consulting companies, financial institutions, including enterprises operating in the oil products market.

In November 1994 M. Gutseriev set up the first zone of economic favor in Russia -  Ingushetia - and was nominated its head by the RF Government. During the years of its functioning, the economic favor zone attracted real investments to the republic and more than 200 industrial, social and administrative facilities were built there.

In 1995 Mikhail Gutseriev gave up business activity and turned to politics.  At the parliamentary elections in 1995 he was elected a deputy to the State Duma for the Second Convocation of the Federal Assembly.  At the Duma he took up the post of Deputy Chairman, and coordinated the activity of the Committee for Industry, Construction, Transport and Energy, the Committee for Conversion and High Technologies, the Committee for Science and Education, the Agrarian Committee, the Committee for Nationalities, the Committee  for Social Associations and Religious Organizations and  administered relations  with Arab and Middle East countries. Being the State Duma supervisor  for  all the Caucasian issues  Mikhail Gutseriev took an active part in resolving numerous national conflicts in the region, settling Chechen crisis and stopping combat activities on the territory of the Republic.

In December 1999 being an independent candidate, Mikhail Safarbekovich was elected a State Duma Deputy for the Third Convocation of the Federal Assembly from the 12 th single-mandate constituency. 

In February 2000 at the extraordinary meeting of shareholders of State Russian-Belorussian Oil and Gas Company Slavneft Mr. Gutseriev was elected President of the Company. 

In May 2000  Russian Ministry for Taxation and Collections awarded Mr. Gutseriev with the annual Bona Fide Taxpayer prize.

In August 2000 Mr. Gutseriev was awarded with Sergy Radonezhsky Order of the III grade by the Russian Orthodox Church for permanent help to Tolga monastery and construction of a girls` orphanage at the Tolga Monastery of Sent Presentation (the Yaroslavl Region).

In September 2000 he became  the “Best Manager of the Year”  in oil industry having won a prestigious contest of the weekly “Compania”. 

In February 2001 Mr. Gutseriev was elected  Vice-president of the  Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs. 

In February 2001 Mr. Gutseriev was the first of the Country`s oil &gas top managers to be elected the full member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences for his notable contribution into the economic sciences development and oil business establishment in Russia.

In May 2001 Mr. Gutseriev won Peter the Great National Public Award for his  significant contribution into the development of Rusian economy.

In August 2001 Mikhail Gutseriev was awarded with Daniil Moskvskiy Order of the II grade by the Russian Orthodox Church for his contribution into the construction of orthodox Temple of Saint Virgin and Temple of Nativity in the towns of Megion and Nizhnevartovsk, Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Area. 

In March 2002 – he became the winner of the All-Russian Contest THE FINANCIER OF THE YEAR organized by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce . 

September 2002 - M. Gutseriev founded and headed RussNeft , an oil and gas company.

In June 2003 Mr. Gutseriev was elected President of ASSONEFT, Small and Medium-Scale Oil and Gas Production Companies Association at the annual meeting of the Association. 

In November 2003 he was re-elected  as Vice-president of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrpreneurs.

In December 2003 members of ASSONEFT, Small and Medium-Scale Oil and Gas Production Companies Association, met the request of Mikhail Gutseriev to relieve him of the dutiesof the Association President due to dynamic growth of RussNeft and its transformation into a vertically-integrated oil holding company. 

In July 2004
  Mr. Gutseriev was awarded with Daniil Moskvskiy Order of the I grade by the Russian Orthodox Church for his substantial contribution into the resurrection and construction of Saint Panteleimon the Great Martyr and Healer Church (Karakulinsky District, Udmurtia) and the Cathedral of Ascension (city of Ulyanovsk).

In September 2004  he won the contest held by the business weekly “Compania”  the Best Manager of the Year for the Fuel and Energy Complex. 

In October 2004 - Winner of the RUSSIAN NATIONAL OLYMPUS , a leading All-Russain prize, RussNeft being acknowledged by the authoritative jury as one of the leading Russian companies. 

November 2004 - – Mr. Gutseriev was recognized as the “Maecenas of the Year” for his prominent activities in the construction of social institutions and donations to the benefit of the people within the framework of the International Prize “Profession: Life”, instituted by the World Health Organization and the Russian Ministry of Emergencies.

December 2004 – OAO NK RussNeft became the “Company of the Year” in the BREAK-THROUGH OF THE YEAR Nomination in the contest held by RBK Holding Company under the aegis of the Russian  Ministry of Economic Development and Trade. 

March 2005 – the corporate newspaper “Vremia RussNefti”  was recognized as the best corporate publication of 2004.

July 2005 - – Mr. Gutseriev was awarded with Sergy Radonezhsky Order of the II grade by the Russian Orthodox Church for his contribution into the construction of the Holy Royal Great Martyrs Temple in Izhevsk (Udmurtia) and Saint Panteleimon the Great Martyr Temple on the territory of the Central Military Hospital of the Federal Security Service of Russia (Moscow). 

In September 2005 streets in Grozny city and Goity village (Chechen Republic) were named after Mikhail Safarbekovich Gutseriev.

In March 2006 Mr. Gutseriev was elected Chairman of Russian-Algerian Business Council functioning under the aegis of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce and the Russian Ministry for Foreign Affairs. 

In May 2006 Mr. Gutseriev was awarded with the Great Golden Medal of the Maecenas Order, I grade. 
In September 2006 Mr. Gutseriev was awarded with Sergy Radonezhsky Order of the I grade by the Russian Orthodox Church for his contribution into the construction of Spaso-Preobrazhensky Church (Novospassky District, Ulyanovsk Region), John of Kronstadt Church (Raduzhny, Khanti-Mansi Autonomous Area).

December, 2006 Mikhail S. Gutseriev became the “Best Manager of the year” in “Oil Industry Leader” nomination, having won the prestigious contest of the “Compania” magazine.

December, 2006 Mikhail S. Gutseriev won the ‘Persons of the Year’ award in the category “Businessman of the Year”, presented by the publisher’s holding ‘Sovershenno Sekretno’.

In May, 2007  Mr. Gutseriev got the highest Muslim religious award from the Council of Muftis of Russia – Al-Fakhr Order of Honor, First Grade, for outstanding contribution into moral and spiritual renaissance of the peoples of Russia and its traditional religious confessions and for large-scale charity work.   

2007 – 2010- lived and worked in Great Britain; successfully implemented a number of large-scale oil and gas projects in Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, African countries. 

Since June 2010 – President of OAO NK RussNeft.

In July 2010 Mr. Gutseriev was awarded with Prince Vladimir Order of the II grade by the Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia, Kyrill for his contribution into the restoration of one of the most dignified churches of the Russian Orthodox Church – St. Mikhailovsky Cathedral (Izhevsk, Udmurtia). 

In June 2011 M.S. Gutseriev was awarded with the plaque “Vassili Nikolayevich Khitrov Medal”, of the Imperial Orthodox Palestine Society (IOPS) for his contribution into the construction of the Culture and Business center in the city of Bethlehem (the Palestinian Authority).

On the 1st of September, 2011 Oil and Gas Institute of the Udmurt State University was named after Mikhail Gutseriev for his contribution into the construction of the building of the Institute by the order of Udmurt Republic President Alexander Volkov.

In October 2011 M.Gutseriev became the winner of the All-Russian award “Best CEO-2011” in the nomination “Mining Operations”.

In November 2011 Mr. Gutseriev was awarded with Benjamin Franklin medal, one of the USA prestigious social awards for his significant contribution into business development in Russia and Eastern Europe as well as for his large-scale charitable activity in education sphere.

In March 2012 the President of NK RussNeft Mikhail Gutseriev became the winner of international public prize “Person of the year 2011” in the nomination “Businessman of the year”, established by media-holding RosBusinessConsulting.

December 2013. Was honored with a prestigious Best Eurasian Businessman 2013 award, annually awarded by an authoritative public organization Сenter for Global Dialogue and Cooperation (CGDC). The award recognizes efficient implementation of major business-projects in Russia and CIS.

December 2014. Was honored as the “Philanthropist of the Year of Culture” national award, established by the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation; awarded for the significant contribution into revival of the traditions of the national philanthropy and development of cultural traditions.
In February 2015, due to the large-scale expansion of the businesses of the two major oil and gas companies (OAO NK RussNeft and OAO NK Neftisa) owned by him, he became the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Companies focusing on the strategic management of the assets.

In March 2015 M. Gutseriev was awarded with Oleg Tabakov name prize “For selfless care and support to the creative youth of Russia”.

In May 2015 was awarded with the Order of Glory and Honor III Grade, the highest award of the Russian Orthodox Church  for restoration of The Cathedral of the Ascension of the Savior in Ulyanovsk, one of the largest orthodox holy places.


Government and public awards:

  • Order of Friendship
  • Honor Sign Order
  • Order of Sergiy Radonezhsky,  I Grade
  • Order of Sergiy Radonezhsky,  II Grade
  • Order of Sergiy Radonezhsky,  III Grade
  • Order of Daniil Moskovsky, I Grade
  • Order of Daniil Moskovsky, II Grade
  • Orden of Glory and Honesty, III Grade
  • Order of Prince Vladimir, II Grade
  • Al-Fakhr Order of Honor, I Grade
  • Order of the Community of Interparliamentary Assembly of the CIS


  • For Labor Virtue
  • For Labor Distinction
  • For Distinguished Services in Special Operations four times awarded with autographed weapons for completing special missions of the Russian Government.


  • Honoured Oilman of Russia
  • Honoured Economist of Russia
  • Honoured functionary of Fuel and Energy Complex

For widespread charitable aid to religious organizations, war veterans, orphanages, educational and cultural organizations Mikhail Gutseriev has been awarded with order signs, diplomas and letters of gratitude from President of the Russian Federation, President of the Belarus Republic, Patriarch of All Russia, Chairman of Russia Muftis Council,  Chief Rabbi of Russia and Jewish Communities Federation leaders, officials of a number of Russian regions, leaders of some state, public and power organizations of this country. 

Mikhail Safarbekovich is the author of five monographs and a series of science publications on the problems of free trade zones and offshore business in Russia. 

He is the founder of a number of public and charitable organizations. 

Mikhail Safarbekovich is a master of sports in decathlon. 

He plays the violin and the piano, writes verses, likes to paint.

Has a good command of English.