PJSC NК RussNeft is one of Russia`s top oil&gas companies. Preservation of life and health of the Company employees, industrial safety and environmental protection in the areas of Company presence are the major priorities and key prerequisites for АО NK RussNeft successful business development.

Company Management recognizes its responsibility in the sphere of environmental and labor protection and undertakes to:

  • observe the requirements of federal, regional and industry legislation in the sphere of environmental protection and harmonious exploitation of natural resources, labor protection and other requirements applicable to the business activity of PJSC NK RussNeft, including the requirements of international standards for environmental management and labor protection management.
  • do everything possible to prevent personnel accident and injures and mitigate environmental impact;
  • constantly improve PJSC NK RussNeft HSE Management System.

To fulfill these commitments, PJSC NK RussNeft is going to:

  • Identify and assess industrial and environmental risks, manage the identified risks effectively.
  • Efficiently use natural resources and energy, introduce low-waste technologies, technologies of safe accumulation, storage and disposal of industrial and consumer wastes as well as other technologies aimed at environment impact reduction.
  • Improve production processes; apply technologies and equipment which secure labor safety.
  • Perform HSE monitoring, inspections and internal audits to ensure compliance with the legal and other requirements applicable to the Company’s HSE risks.
  • Ensure staff HSE competence, support and encourage the employees, who contribute to the improvement of industrial and environmental safety.
  • Communicate Policy commitments, RussNeft norms and standards of environment and labor protection to suppliers and subcontractors.
  • Exchange HSE information with third interested parties.

Management of PJSC NK RussNeft undertakes responsibility to implement this Policy by means of setting relevant tasks and targets, assigning necessary organizational and financial resources, controlling and analyzing Company HSE activity.