The Management System of PJSC NK RussNeft consists of the following keystone components (picture 1):

  • HSE Policy.
  • Planning of HSE activities.
  • Management System implementation and functioning.
  • Auditing.
  • Analysis by Company management.

Picture. 1 Keystone components of PJSC NK RussNeft Management System

Policy is the Company declaration about industrial and environmental risk management, officially stated by top management. PJSC NK RussNeft HSE Policy of PJSC NK RussNeft defines priorities, commitments and main Company activities in HSE segment; it is aimed at the Company employees’ life and health preservation, occupational safety, environment protection in the areas of the Company presence.

Activity planning is based on industrial and environmental risks assessmen and includes:

  • identification and assessment of industrial and environmental risk;
  • identification of legal and other environmant and labor protection reqwuirements applicable to the Company and its subsidiaries’ activities;
  • working out and approval of the environment and labor protection target and planned indicators;
  • working out of the Programs of achieving the approved target and planned indicators.
Implementation and Functioning means organization and practical implementation (functioning) of the Management System. Effective functioning of the Management System includes the following basic elements:
  • Assignment of responsibility and authority in Management System.
  • Educational system, awareness and competence of the Company employees.
  • Contact among different levels, subdivisions and specialists of the Company, its subsidiaries and structural subdivisions, as well as contact with external interested parties.
  • Records Management, including records of Management System.
  • Operational control over production and business activities connected with important environmental and industrial risks.
  • Emergencies prevention system of PJSC NK RussNeft.

Auditing has a form of monitoring, estimation of norms and requirements compliance; production control, analysis of incidents, accidents and emergencies and internal audit. Based on the audit results Management System compliance is set up; level of compliance of the entire system and its elements with the requirements of Russian Federation law, international standards and records of Management System is defined. Corrective and/or preventive actions are worked out in case of finding real and potential discrepancy in the Management System.

Analysis by Company Management is a periodic control of the results of Management System activity by PJSC NK RussNeft top management, as well as directors of subsidiaries and their structural subdivisions in order to assess Management System functioning and take corrective/improvement action for the Management System and its elements.