16 March 2017, 10:29

In 2016, the company utilized (decontaminated) 18,958.55 м3 of oil sludge from Varioganskoye, Zapadno-Varioganskoye, and Targinskoye fields. It also recycled 34,346.589 м3 of drilling sludge at Tagrinsky licence.

A sludge-pit-free oil well drilling technology has been being applied at Variogan oil block fields since 2016. It provides for the drilling wastes immediate recycling into road-building composition material.

This technology gives a number of advantages such as lower volume of drilling sludge; no need for a sludge pit next to the well pad; lower cost of the well pads bunds rehabilitation due to utilization of the road-building composition material produced from the drilling wastes; parking lots construction; motor road foundations construction; motor road slopes reinforcement; disturbed soil (quarries etc.) reclamation; zero risks of wastes accumulation during over 11 months; lower charges for affecting the environment by drilling wastes accumulation and storage.

Reinstatement of the soil contaminated with oil will be continued at Variogan oil block fields in 2017 as well. The company intends to allocate 142.647 million RUB for environmental activities at its oil fields in the current year.

Within the declared year of ecology, OAO Varioganneft will continue to prioritize programs for mitigation of environmental impact as well as increase the hazardous wastes decontamination capacities and comply with the established environmental impact limits.