10 April 2017, 13:02

Megafon helped ensure reliable connection with all divisions of the company. But the cooperation with the operator was not limited by traditional telecommunication services.

Megafon has built one of the largest networks for the 15 years of its operation in the region. However, the good coverage was not the only important factor for Ulyanovskneft: Megafon is a universal operator and offers complex solutions for its business clients. Companies of Ulyanovsk region can obtain everything “in a single widow”: from mobile and landline voice communication to internet access and up-to-date M2M services.

Currently, 100% of our fields are equipped with the Automated Process Control System which is meant for the wells control automation. The same complexes are introduced at the oil treatment facilities such as Verkhozimskoye field FWKO unit, Severnaya oil treatment plant, Zapadnaya FWKO and so on, Ruslan Valiev, OAO Ulyanovskneft automation and communication manager, says. Since the facilities are located in remote areas of our region and even in Penza region, we obviously prefer the operator with large number of base stations and the most stable connection. Megafon serves all our turns.

There are also other systems where SIM cards are used, for example, Global Navigation Satellite System for monitoring of Ulyanovskneft’s vehicles and Automated Power Consumption Information and Fiscal Metering System (APCIFMS). The communication technologies save the company's funds in certain cases. Thus, the new method of electrical power accounting, introduced by APCIFMS, reduced the power costs of Ulyanovskneft by 25 million RUB.