27 November 2018, 11:52

According to the company’s press-release, RussNeft plans to increase oil production by 3.6% in 2019, compared to the current year planned target of 7.355 mln tons.

The company notes that the RussNeft Board of Directors has approved the company’s business plan for 2019.

«Target production level, approved in the business-plan, envisages 7.355 mln tons (excluding oil production in Azerbaijan)», says the statement.

The level of capital investment financing is planned to reach 28 bln rubles.

Lately, Mr. Yevgeny Tolochek, the President of RussNeft, has informed, that the company planned to product 7.1 mln tons of oil in 2018, which is 100 000 tons (or 1.4%) more compared to the last year. From January to June RussNeft increased the level of oil production by 1% compared to the level of the same period of the last year and reached 3.744 mln tons.