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PJSC “RussNeft” makes significant investments in environmental protection minimizing the influence of ecological, economic and social factors resulting from its operations.

The Company’s environmental policy is aimed at natural resources management, adoption of low-waste technology, technology of safe accumulation, storage and disposal of production and consumption waste, as well as at other technologies mitigating the negative impact on the environment and natural resources management.

The Company is implementing the corporate program for gas utilization and gas business development at its fields in order to meet the requirements of the licenses, environmental laws, as well as to reduce the air pollutants emissions, which are generated during flaring.

The APG utilization program, started in 2016, will be executed in the Company until 2019, being targeted at maintaining the 95% level of gas utilization. Around 85% of APG is supplied to gas processing plant, the rest of the volume is used for the own needs or sold to the outside consumers.

The Company has also developed and has been successfully implementing the corporate program for energy saving and energy efficiency increase at the operational facilities of the companies included into PJSC “RussNeft” corporate structure.

In future, PJSC “RussNeft” intends to devote special attention to efficient use of power, saving natural resources.

Within execution of the requirements of environmental laws, the Company is systematically working on remediation of sludge pits.

Keeping the Company’s employees safe and healthy, minimizing of the air pollutants emissions and land contamination during oil production as well as preventing of accidents at the operational facilities have been and continue to be the priorities in PJSC “RussNeft” activity.

About company:

PJSC “RussNeft” of JSC SAFMAR INDUSTRIAL AND FINANCIAL GROUP, controlled by Mikhail Gutseriev, ranks among the Top-6 largest oil companies by crude oil production in Russia.

The Company possesses a well-balanced portfolio of assets located in the key Russian oil and gas provinces (West Siberia, Volga-Urals and Central Siberia) as well as in Azerbaijan.

The Company’s reserves exceed 200 mln tons (SPE). The number of the Company’s personnel is around 10 000.

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