16 September 2019, 11:45

Employees of the company incorporated in SAFMAR Industrial and Financial Group of Mikhail Gutseriev in a play-based manner told the children about oil, its properties, production peculiarities and use in fuel and energy sector. Moreover, the boarding school students watched educating videos on energy resources management. In memory of this lesson, the children were handed crayons and coloring books presenting the major fuel and energy segments, and professions in oil, gas, mining and energy industries.

#VmesteYarche Festival has been held for the third year in a row and focus on energy saving and ecology, as well as on making the fuel and energy sector jobs more popular. The events within the festival are conducted throughout the country from August to October and include family holidays in central squares and parks, thematic classes and energy-saving weeks, meetings with energy companies` representatives in pre-schools, schools and universities. In 2019, the main focus area was disseminating the information on energy consumption and use of cutting-edge energy-efficient technologies for both commercial and residential purposes among RF residents