17 September 2019, 18:30

“Something like last-year flamboyant increase (in 2019) is scarcely possible. Probably, it would be 2020, when we`ll explore new land plots and include them in the balance”, Tolochek said, having marked that 2018 oil reserves growth had amounted to 60 mln tonnes.

“Including through the southern part of Tagrinka, which was recently bought... Highly likely, there will be quite discent quantity of reserves”, he added.

Tolochek noted that Verkhne-Shapshinskoye oilfield was still the priority of the company. “This is Achimov deposits as well, while being more high yielding, and the production rates out there are much higher”, he said.

In the end of August, RussNeft bought a company in KhMAO, holding the license for Vostochno-Kalinovoye filed, adjacent to Tagrinskoye oilfield of RussNeft.