26 December 2019, 20:37

According to the results of 2018, the oil production also amounted to 7.1 million tons (including Azerbaijan - 7.61 million tons), whilst the gas production was 2.51 billion cubic meters.

Earlier the company planned to produce about 7.3 million tons of oil in Russia this year and about 500,000 tons more in Azerbaijan.

In the reporting year the company commissioned 148 new oil wells (139 in 2018), production from the commissioning of which will be about 1.251 million tons (970,000 tons in 2018). Drilling meterage over the company this year amounted to almost 500 thousand meters, according to the report.

"Development of investments in 2019 fully meets the parameters of the business plan," RussNeft notes. Capital investments in 2019 were previously expected at the level of 2018 - 25 billion rubles.