General manager - Mikhail Devyatkin

PJSC Saratovneftegaz is the  largest company of Saratov region oil industry with the major production output in the region. Above 40 fields are being developed in Saratov and Volgograd region and the Republic of Kalmikiya.
Saratovneftegaz produced 710. 017 tons of oil and gas condensate in 2015.
Gas production output made up 469.148 mln cbm in 2015 incl. 47. 418 mln cbm of APG and 421.730 mln cbm of NPG with the utilization rate of 91.6%.
Saratovneftegaz intends to steady the hydrocarbon production in 2016.
The company devotes much attention to mineral resources rehabilitation. The reserves increment amounted to 1 bn cbm in 2015.
The expenditures for the electrical power were significantly reduced in 2015. 4 flow-divider valves were installed and  put into operation  (in total 18 valves have been commissioned since 2012). It resulted in saving of 1.2 mln kW-hours of electrical power equal to 3.9 mln Rub.
The key element of Saratovneftegaz strategy is extending the production life of the brown fields by applying different methods of oil flow increase and involving of the less drained oil reserves. The major method to increase the production output is to implement well interventions.






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