General manager - Andrey Vorostsov

An intensive production started in Ulyanovsk region in 1977 at Novospaskneft Oil and Gas Production Department. This company was renamed into OAO Ulyanovskneft in 2001 and 2 years later it was included into RussNeft holding. In total 95 wells have been drilled and commissioned since having been included into AO NK Russneft and above 10.4 mln tons have been produced. 
OAO Ulyanovskneft develops 39 fields in Ulyanovsk and Penza regions. The active stock involves 249 producing wells.
All the oilfields under development by OAO Ulyanovskneft are divided into two groups: the Southern group and the Northern group. the Southern group includes Baranovskoye, Varvarovskoye, Golodiayevskoye, Novospasskoye, Repievskoye, Volodarskoye, Verkhozimskoye, Truyevskoye and Alekseyevskoye fields. The Northern Group consists of Zapadnoye, Pravdinskoye, Filippovskoye,Vostochno-Filippovskoye, Yuzhno-Filippovskoye, Birlinskoye, Vishenskoye, Yuzhno-Vishenskoye, Ovrazhnoye, Vostochnoye, Zapadno-Raduzhnoye, Bezymiannoye, Kudriashovskoye, Zimnitskoye, Severo-Zimnitskoye, Allagulovskoye, Mordovoozerskoye, Ravninnoye, Novobesovskoye, Novolabitovskoye, Prinorskoye, Yuzhno-Lebyazhenskoye, Rudnevskoye, Severo-Suskanskoye, Aleksandrovskoye, Severo-Philippovskoye, Vostochno-Suskanskoye, Stepnoye and Mayskoye oilfields. The Northern group oilfields are located in the Ulyanovsk region in Melekessky, Cherdaklinsky and Novomalyklinsky districts, the Southern group oilfields are located in the South of the region, in Novospassky, Nikolayevsky and Radischevsky districts as well as in Penza region.
As of 01.01.2016 the remaining АВС1 + С2 recoverable resources make up 72.863 mln tons. Resources increase and development is provided through geology and exploration works. 111 well interventions were performed in 2015 with the increment of 68 thousand tons of oil.
In compliance with 2015 Drilling Program, 13 producing wells were put into operation with the additional production volume of 299 tons per day. AO NK RussNeft makes extensive investments into production infrastructure upgrade of the Nothern and the Southern groups of Ulyanovskneft oilfields.
OAO Ulyanovskneft continued installation of the new equipment in 2015 for operating at the wells with corrosion, high viscosity emulsion and solids, it increased the mean time between failures for the artificially lifted wells up to 492 days. The formation pressure maintenance operations were performed and 6 wells in general were transferred into formation pressure maintenance.
The company’s investment into construction made up 303 mln Rub. in 2015. Besides the workover was performed  at the tank farm of Yuzhnaya Oil Processing and Pumping Unit and Volodarskoye Preliminary Water Gathering Unit. 11.9 km of pipelines were constructed and 4.2 km were repaired within the program for pipelines safety increase, it will allow to avoid environmental risks. Such major facilities as Novobesovskoye Oil Gathering Unit and Verkhozimskoye Preliminary Water Gathering unit were put into operation.
A second crew was involved in the oilfield servicing blocks of subsurface works and well workover at OAO Ulyanovskneft which substituted the well-workover contracting crew at the facilities since 2012.
The company received several honorable awards in 2015. It was named as the Best Environmentally Friendly Company in the region acc. to the Rospromexpo Second Russian Industrial and Economic Forum and one of the awardees as the Best Company in Health and Safety acc. to 2014 results. Apart from that OAO Ulyanovskneft was included into Kniga Pocheta registry of organizations which actively participate in the development of the federation members and municipal                     districts for 2015.
According to 2015 results the company produced 828.5 thousand tons of oil.


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