General manager - Aleksey Tychinsky

OOO Tomskaya Neft was formed in 2001 for the development of Yuzhno-Myldzhinskoye subsoil area. Within this area there were explored 2 oilfields (Verkhne-Salatskoye and Yuzhno-Myldzhinskoye) and 1 gas condensate field (Rechnoye). Total initial reserves of three oilfields by categories C1 and C2 make 8.169 million tons of oil and 7.9 bln. cubic meters of gas, and also 1.402 thousand tons of condensate. 

In the oilfields of OOО Tomskaya Neft there is a modern production infrastructure. Shift camp, field support base, lines of communication, oilfield networks, discharge valve pipe line, crude oil metering station were constructed. All energy-intensive economy of the enterprise is provided by its own electrical power, received from utilization of associated petroleum gas.
Integration of OOО Tomskaya Neft in the structure of RussNeft allowed the Company to reduce its infrastructure expenses significantly on other oilfields of the Tomsk Region, to expedite the terms of their commissioning, and also to increase production output directly at license areas of OOО Tomskaya Neft.

In 2015, Tomskaya neft produced around 1 million tons of oil and 82 million m3 of natural gas.

In 2015, the company continued to develop the infrastructure of OOO Tomskaya neft fields. Thus, a number of new well pads were constructed and drilled including the access roads and electrical power lines, Oil Treatment Unit is being comprehensively tested at Fedyushkinskoye field.

RussNeft relates the development of East Siberian oilfields to the most promising projects of the company. In the foreseeable future RussNeft plans to form a new production center on the basis of oilfields of this group, which will substantially supplement the main traditional for the company production centers in Western Siberia and Udmurtiya. 


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