General manager - Executive Director: Alexander Titov

OOO NK RussNeft-Bryansk runs the operation of oil loading terminal in the Bryansk region near the railway station of Zhecha in order to deliver-by-railway crude oil to the Republic of Belarus, Baltic States and Eastern Europe. 
The initial transshipment capacity of oil loading terminal, equipped with the facilities that meet the world’s technological and environmental standards, is 5 million tons of feed in a year, to eventually be expanded to 7 million tons. The terminal’s infrastructure also includes a 19.7 km oil trunk pipeline and a tank farm whose vessels store more than 60 thousand tons of crude, oil delivery-oil acceptance station from OAO Transneft, a modern automated on-spot station. Production facilities are located on an area of 62 ha.

In the course of the terminal construction at Zhecha a railway station building was erected and the railway lines at the stations of Zhecha and Unecha including the span between them were reinstated. Today Zhecha is a contemporary station with 12 receiving-and-departure tracks, dead-end and team tracks equipped with block route control interlocking system.

The oil loading terminal being the biggest investment project of the region means new jobs for the local population, more taxes in the local budget, favorable conditions for developing new kinds of activities in the area and rapid development of social and engineering infrastructure.


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