General manager - Yakov Grebenyuk

AO Aganneftegazgeologiya was established in 1998. The company is an assignee of Agansk Oil and Gas Exploratory Exhibition set up in 1962 for exploration and development of the subsoil resources of Tuymen North. The company made 84 oil discoveries.

AO Aganneftegazgeologiya was included into RussNeft Holding Company in 2005. Since January 2009 the company has acted as an operator in oil production for three RussNeft subsidiaries - AO Chernogorskoye, ST AO GOLOIL and AO Mokhtikneft.

The oil production output in 2015 exceeded 778 thousand tons. The active wells stock comprises 84 oil producing wells.
In 2015, 14 new wells were put into operation, 6 well interventions were performed. Having constructed three developing wells using horizontal drilling technology, the Company developed oil reservoir near the exploration well 33P. Initial flow rate of one well was 423 tons per day.
The Company carried on subsoil exploration of the license areas which were under development.  CDP-3D seismic works were conducted at Zapadno-Mogutlorsky license area in 2014/2015 field season. Total area surveyed amounted to 500 m². In the northern part of Roslavlskoye oilfield, the exploration well, which uncovered Jurassic deposits, has been drilled. The depth of 2P well is 3240 m. When testing formation YV1-1, the commercial oil flow has been obtained. The structure of new reservoir has been studied. As a result, the recoverable resources grew by more than 400 thousand tons.
The larger part of construction investment was made into Roslavlskoye field. 4 well pads have been equipped, 2 km of overhead power transmission line and 3.5 km of oil and gas pipeline have been constructed. The important construction project was the modular cluster pump station near to booster pump station No.3. Commissioning of the facility allowed the Company to create reservoir pressure maintenance system intended to increase injection ratio for the YV12 and BV8 formations of Roslavlskoye field. It also made possible to reach the purposed oil recovery factors.