General manager - Yakov Grebenyuk

iberian Texas Joint-Stock Company GOLOIL was established in December of 2015.  In September, 2003 the Entity was incorporated into the structure of RussNeft. Since January, 2015, OAO MPK Aganneftegasgeologia has provided oil production services for ST ZAO Goloil. The Company has a license for the development of Yeguriakhskoye license area, which includes four oilfields: Yeguriakhskoye, Yuzhno-Yeguriakhskoye, Vostochno-Golevoye and Golevoye.

The main objectives for 2015 were the following:

-          Reaching the steady production at the active wells stock, comprising of 24 producing wells

-           Expanding the volume of hydrocarbons extracted.  

In 2015,  the actual production of the company exceeded 110 thousand tons of oil.