General manager - Аlexey Shatalov

The company is developing Shapshinskaya group of fields (which includes Verkhne-Shapshinskiy, Nizhne-Shapshinskiy, Sredne-Shapshinskiy license areas) with the overall recoverable hydrocarbon reserves of more than 94 million tons. In 2011 oil production in Shapshinskaya group made 1.430 million tons. In December 2011 average daily production made 4.180 thousand tons. 
Today the company is implementing at Shapshinskaya group of fields a comprehensive production drilling program and well interventions program. In 2011 there were put into operation 55 new wells, including 12 ones with horizontal tailing-in; incremental ultimate recovery made 278.590 thousand tons. During the same period there were performed 7 well interventions, including two hydraulic fractures.  
AO NK RussNeft considers development of Shapshinskaya group of fields to be among the strategically important projects of the Company. Further development in the short term will enable the Company to bring up annual oil production at these license areas to 1.8 million tons.   
Preparation for phased commissioning of three oilfields of the group was completed in 2004-2005. During this time there were built main engineering infrastructure facilities, which permitted to come close to commercial operation phase. In 2006 there was started oil production at Nizhne-Shapshinskoye oilfield. In 2008 Verkhne-Shapshinskoye oilfield was placed in commissioning and in May 2009 – Sredne-Shapshinskoye oilfield. 
In 2010-2011 the company continued engineering and production infrastructure development of Shapshinskaya group. There were completed construction works of four well pads; more than 20 km of motor ways was built; high voltage power lines more than 14 km long were mounted. To secure oil transportation from Verkhne-Shapshinskoye oilfield to oil treatment plant 1500 of Nizhne-Shapshinskoye oilfield there was built a gathering pipeline of 52 km long.   
In 2012-2015 development of engineering infrastructure of Shapshinskaya group of fields will be continued. At Verkhne-Shapshinskoye oilfield it is planned to build and develop 18 well pads, commissioning of 45 new wells is expected. There’s carried out phase 1 construction work of BPS-1, commissioning is planned for QI 2012.
One of the main objectives of the company is gas program implementation. 
AO NAK AKI-OTYR produced around 1.8 million tons of oil in 2015. For the year, 55 producing wells were drilled at the company’s fields using hydraulic fracture including 3 wells with horizontal bottom holes. The company carried out 40 well interventions which added about 56 thousand tons of oil production.

Verkhne-Shapshinskoye field hydrocarbon reserves were promptly calculated based on production drilling results. Cumulative addition of the recoverable oil reserves was 1.8 million tons. Last year, a modular group pumping station was put into regular operation at the field due to increased water cut and conversion of additional wells into water injection. Start-up of an NGSV-type three-phase separator with water knock-out function will be a logical completion of the Verkhne-Shapshinskoye field Booster Pump Station development. The design allows to get oil with water cut below 1 % downstream the Booster Pump Station.

The company continues its activities to maintain the basic stock production at Nizhne-Shapshinskoye field. It has been regularly working on the reservoir pressure maintenance there since 2012. Conformance control activities have also been being performed there for a number of years which added 6-7 thousand tons of oil production. An ejector unit was put into operation at Nizhne-Shapshinskoye field in the spring of 2015 under the associated gas utilization program.

Addition of Peschanoye field recoverable reserves was 1.6 million tons. In 2015, the company performed a study on the old stock of wells and carried out drilling there which allows the geologists to expect addition of the recoverable reserves in UK-5 formation.

In 2016, the production growth will be due to the production drilling program implementation, including start-up new wells. Additional production from the new wells will be 200 thousand tons of oil.



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