PJSC NK RussNeft sticks to the principle of responsible attitude to the society.

The Company aims to promote development of the economy of the regions and growth of their inhabitants’ well-being in every possible way.

The holding assigns substantial tax payments to local budgets, creates new jobs, implements large-scale social programs on the basis of agreements with administrations of constituent entities of the Federation.

The most conspicuous social and charity projects are the following:

  • The Svyato-Vvedenskiy Tolgskiy Convent and Orphanage on its territory (Yaroslavl Region)
  • The St. Michael`s (Svyato-Mikhailovsky) Cathedral in Izhevsk
  • The Cathedral of the Mantel (Pokrov) of Our Lady in the town of Megion, the Church of the Nativity in Nizhnevartovsk (KhMAO), the Church of the Transfiguration of the Saviour (Novo-Spassky district of Ulyaniovsk Region), the Church of Kazan Icon of the Mother of God in Balezino Village (Udmurtia), the Cathedral of Ascension of the Saviour in Ulyanovsk, the Church of the Great Martyr of Panteleimon on the territory of Central Military Clinic of FSB in Moscow
  • The Holy Trinity Church in Valamaz village of Seltinsky district of Udmurtia
  • The Church of the Holy Great Martyr and Healer Panteleimon (Karakulinskiy district, Udmurtia)
  • The Church of the Mantel (Pokrov) of Our Lady in Sarapoul (Udmurtia)
  • The Small-Diveevsky Monastery in the Noria village (Malopurginsky District, Udmurtia)
  • The bell-tower dedicated to Archangel Michael in the Village of Synkovichi (Grodno Region, Belarus)
  • The Russian Centre for Science and Culture in Vifleem (Palestinian Autonomy)
  • The Church of the Royal Great Martyrs (Izhevsk)
  • The Moscow Jewish Community Centre, sinagogues in Kaliningrad and Novosibirsk
  • The Aginsky Lamaist Temple (the Aginsk Buryat Autonomous Area)
  • Mosques in the town of Raduzhny (Khanty-Mansi Autonomous District), in Novospassky district of Ulyanovsk Region, in Solnechnogorsk (Moscow Region), the Akhmad Kadyrov Central Mosque in Grozny and the Moscow Cathedral Mosque
  • The Ministry of Health Care of Chechnya (106 ambulances have been purchased, 250 children's heart surgeries have been funded, Urus-Martan District Hospital has been totally renovated)
  • Healthcare facilites of Udmurtia (10 ambulances have been purchased)
  • Hospitals of Ulyanovsk Region (20 ambulances have been acquired)
  • The Marem Lyceum School in Magas (Ingushetia), School No. 234 in Grozny (Chechnya)
  • The Oil and Gas Institute of the Udmurt State University
  • The hall of residence of the Oil and Gas Institute of the Udmurt State University which can accommodate up to 350 people at a time, with sports facility
  • Children and youth football teams of The Neftyanic Sports Club in the village of Novospasskoye, Ulyanovsk region
  • Orphanages of Tomsk Region
  • Picked sports teams of Udmurtia in biathlon, cross country skiing, bicycle racing, shooting
  • Belkammotorsport Children`s Sports School and State Udmurt Zoo in Izhevsk
  • Community Centre and recreation and amusement park in Cherkessk
  • A kindergarden in Saratov (the biggest pre-school institution (300 places) in the Saratov region
  • Educational institutions of Udmurtia (38 school buses acquired)
  • The residence hall of the Saratov Regional College of Arts (one of the oldest educational institutions of the Volga Region). The residence hall is designed for 160 residents
  • Ice arena in Saratov (reconstruction of the major sporting arena in the region would enable international hockey and basketball competitions)
  • The Cathedral of Ascension of the Saviour in Ulyanovsk (assistance in reconstruction of one of the Russian architectural masterpiece)
  • The Dormition Monastery in Krasnoyarsk region (monastery guest house construction for hosting of the guests and the pilgrims)
  • The Holy Trinity Orthodox Church in Ukamenskoye village in Udmurtiya (construction of the Church at the site of the destroyed church in 1930s)
  • The Assumption Church in Vepreva of Rostov deserts of Yaroslavl region (restoration of the historical XIV century memorial, the place where the unique church artifacts are stored)
  • Sports facility in Amur region (reconstruction of the covered ice rink, facilitating with the modern sports and technical equipment)
  • Izhevsk Stadium, construction and facilitating of a large sports and health center for the sports events, with a capacity of 2000.
  • S. Knushevizky Traditional Annual International Cello Contest in Saratov (the patronage of the sole Russian individual international contest of young performers)