The Company will allocate almost a billion rubles for social support in 2018

The Company will allocate almost a billion rubles for social support in 2018 The XVIII Open Olympics for disabled children, organized with the support of RussNeft and SAFMAR Charitable Foundation of the Russian businessman and philanthropist Mikhail Gutseriev, took place in the Saratov region. The venue for competitions for children with disabilities was the health center Rovesnik, founded by Saratovneftegaz, a subsidiary of RussNeft. In the framework of the sports contest, which was attended by more than 200 children from Saratov, there were competitions in athletics, swimming, table tennis, darts, bocce, draughts. Following the results of competitions, teams were formed for participation in the all-Russian competitions among disabled people.

Participants of the sports contest were representatives of 14 branches of Rehabilitation and physical education children's and youth sports and adaptive school located in the municipal districts of the region. Officials from the regional Ministry of social development, the management of Saratovneftegaz, as well as Paralympic athletes came to talk with the guys and reward the winners.

I highly appreciate the fact that today the socially responsible business helps my home school, you can see genuine joy in the eyes of children. With the support of the oil industry, our relief is growing, - Denis Tarasov, a world champion, Golden winner of the 2012 Paralympic games in London, a native of the Saratov region and a graduate of the center RiF, said at the closing ceremony.

RussNeft and SAFMAR for several years, have been providing students with the necessary conditions not only for training regenerative sports, but for full relaxation and fun. The project is aimed at the active integration of children with disabilities into society, improving the social status of the child, his self-affirmation as a person. The unofficial motto of the project: "limited opportunities" is, though a diagnosis, but not a sentence.

According to Yuri Pankov, a member of the Executive Committee of the Paralympic Committee of the Russian Federation and the chief judge of the competition, children are encourages by participation in such competitions and they all showed good results. The most important awards, in my opinion are the prizes in the category "For the will to win". Pupils of school daily live in a mode of overcoming, resistance to vital circumstances, opposition to the illness. To help them not to lose their inner core and willpower is the main task of teachers and coaches, he said.

In turn, the Director of the school RiF Svetlana Borisovskaya mentioned that the Olympics, which are called Awards to the strongest, health to all!, has become for pupils not only a sports test, but also an important life experience, a test of their character, a holiday, a gathering that strengthens friendship and team spirit.

Projects aimed at helping disabled children to adapt and develop their abilities have a special status in the activities of SAFMAR Charitable Foundation and RussNeft. Throughout the country, the Foundation implements a number of programs with the main goal to provide equal opportunities for children with disabilities, their full development and full self-realization.

Another project We are the children of the cosmos! which is supported by RussNeft, this year, too, was three years old. Timed to coincide with the day of cosmonautics, it involves more than 250 students from Engels and Rivne municipal districts of Saratov region, as well as students of vocational and pedagogical College of Yuri Gagarin Saratov State Technical University. The weekly project is also held in Rovesnik.

The topic of space is very close to the local children since the first cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin is related to Saratov region by iconic milestones of his life (first working profession, first rise into the sky on a training aircraft, landing after his unprecedented orbital flight of 12 April 1961).

Within the framework of the project, schoolchildren and students participate in the talent show, the festival of patriotic songs, the philatelic action through thorns to stars, innovative exhibition of robotics, craft competitions, flash mobs, quizzes, mugs, evening bonfires and discos. The main event was the meeting with the honored guests – cosmonaut Alexander Balandin, Hero of the Soviet Union, and space test engineer Sergei Nefedov, Hero of Russia. The guests told a lot of things that the project participants did not know about the history of Russian cosmonautics.

The primacy of our country in the exploration of near-earth space is undeniable, and the current young people will continue the glorious relay race of space conquests of Russia, Alexander Balandin is sure.

Valery Rzhevsky, honoured architect, academician of the Russian Academy of arts, Deputy Chairman of the charity fund in memory of the first cosmonaut, told that the first stage of the memorial construction on the site of Yuri Gagarin's death in the Vladimir region was completed.

For my generation Gagarin is a native person, explains Valery Rzhevsky his commitment to the project. Young people should not stay away from history, to know and remember, to feel personal involvement in the great deeds of the heroes of the Fatherland. Under the guidance of the architect, the project included a master class with a group of freshmen from Saratov art College after Bogolyubov: the camp became a natural plein-air exterior for future painters, sculptors and designers for a few days.

By the way, Rovesnik center has recently gained a reputation as a popular cultural and sports center: with the financial support of RussNeft and SAFMAR Charitable Foundation, many regional, interregional and international events are held here. The center regularly becomes a platform for the implementation of large-scale charitable projects on both regional and international level. The regulars of the center are children from poor families and talented young people: students of rural and urban schools of arts, participants of artistic, choreographic, theatrical, vocal studios of urban and regional centers of culture, pupils of children's and youth sports clubs. In 2015, the Ministry of social development of the Saratov region recognized Rovesnik as the best among the year-round institutions of recreation and rehabilitation of children. As stated by the management of the health center, the traditional activity of Rovesnik is an active social adaptation of orphans and children in difficult situations, as well as support for creatively gifted young people and pupils of children's and youth sports schools. RussNeft annually allocates RUB 10 million for organization of summer recreation of pupils of the Saratov region.

RussNeft will allocate RUB 932 million for charity alone in 2018. The Company carries out charitable projects jointly with SAFMAR Foundation: these are socially significant long-term projects in the field of culture, art, education and spiritual education. Among them, the Easter festival with the participation of Mariinsky state academic theatre, Knushevitsky international cello competition, support of the Russian school of Economics and the Academy of cinematography and theater of N. S. Mikhalkov. According to RussNeft, the Company and the Foundation focus on the social adaptation of orphanage students and the construction of sports facilities for the young generation.