The Company pays much attention to implementation of charity projects in the sphere of healthcare. NK RussNeft finances purchasing of necessary medical equipment, construction of health care facilities, renovation of hospitals in villages and settlements of the regions of business activity of the holding. The president of NK RussNeft Mikhail Gutseriev assigned during the last two years his personal funds for purchasing two mobile medical centers “Mobile Health Center” for the regional medical exercise dispensary and the ambulatory pediatric clinic of Balakovo town in the Saratov Region; 10 modern intensive cure cars for emergency hospitals in Udmurtia.

Photo: a mobile medical center "Mobile Health Center"

Photo: one of the cars,"Ambulance, personal acquired the funds of the head of RussNeft Mikhail Gutseriev for medical facilities in Udmurtia.

NK RussNeft maintains long-term partner relations with Cardiovascuar Surgery Scientific Center named after A.N.Bakulev. The Company sponsored major overhaul and acquisition of unique equipment for the leading division of the Center – Noninvasive Arhythmology Division. The support rendered by the oil company enabled the Center to retain highly qualified medical staff, to increase quality of medical care, to admit more patients.

Photo: Cardiovascuar Surgery Scientific Center named after A.N.Bakulev.

Photo: Director of the Cardiovascuar Surgery Scientific Center named after A.N.Bakulev Leo Bokeria.