Tenders holding basics

According to the regulations of RussNeft (the Company) and the companies within its corporate structure, a tender is a marketing research to choose counterparties.
For the purpose of a tender, the Company posts in its corporate web-site an invitation to the tender, the tender holding requirements, forms to be filled in by the bidders as well as other documentation needed to prepare tender bids.
A tender may be held either by the Company or by a company within its corporate structure.
Invitation to a tender shall not be deemed a public offer under any circumstances. Therefore, the tender holder shall not be liable for failure to execute an agreement with any bidder.
Minutes of meetings of the tender committee and extracts thereof are confidential documents and shall not be disclosed to the bidders. The successful bidder shall be granted an offer or accept.

Requirements to the bidders

Organizations having submitted their bids to the tender holder by the due date shall:
a) possess the required professional skills, qualifications and experience in the field as well as hold relevant licenses and permits (as provided by the law and otherwise);
b) possess sufficient funds, materials, equipment and personnel corresponding to the scale of the works;
c) not be insolvent or bankrupt or being wound-up (property shall not be seized, business shall not be suspended);
d) not have outstanding tax payments to budgets of any level or avoid mandatory payments to state extra-budgetary foundations.

Scope of the documents to be submitted to the tender holder

Bidders shall submit:

1. Application to participate in the tender (as per the form).
2. Bidder’s questionnaire (as per the form).
3. Bid (as per the form).
4. Bidder’s background description (as per the form).
5. Calculations and other details supporting the bidding price with breakdown of costs and resources as per the distribution sheet. Bid shall be deemed invalid without specified calculations.
6. Other data required by the tender documentation.
7. In case of subcontractors, the documentation package shall include their list specifying their necessity and the following forms filled in by the subcontractors:

• Bidder’s questionnaire;
• Bidder’s background description with supporting documents.