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Official notice

RussNeft AO NK keeps an official corporate site that releases on-the-fly and regularly topical information for all the interested parties including mass media, financial analysts, regular and potential customers, business partners, officials, and a wide circle of oil and gas community. RussNeff has taken all the reasonable measures to make the on-line information true and topical.  In spite of this the Company does not guarantee faithfulness of the information arranged at this site, including all the data provided by some outside providers on its behalf. The Company is also dispensed from the responsibility of introducing any corrections or alterations and is not liable in this connection. RussNeft AO NK and its subsidiaries are not in any way liable or have any responsibilities for the information placed at its corporative site. The Company on its own behalf and on the behalf of its subsidiaries, affiliated persons, directors and employees is not liable for material losses, both direct and indirect, and for detriments of any kind that may occur in connection with visiting this site and using any data or references available there including the cases when investment decisions are taken. The character of any statements pertaining to future results is associated with risks and ambiguities both of general and private nature. There is a risk that assumptions, forecasts, plans and other statements with regard to future results will not represent the facts. Due to the effect of a number important factors actual results can be significantly different from plans, tasks, expectations, estimations and intentions, set forth in the statement with regard to future results.

Such facts apply to the following:

  • Inflation, fluctuations of interest and exchange rates;
  • Crude oil price;
  • Change of government policy;
  • Effect of competition on natural regions and in spheres of our activity;
  • Consequences of introducing changes in the law, standard acts, standards or taxation and accounting procedures.
  • Possibilities of a company to increase a ratio of its production portion at the market relative to other competitors and expenditure control;
  • Acquisition and alienation of assets;
  • Technological changes;
  • Weather conditions.

This list of factors is not final and can be supplemented. RussNeft is liable neither for carelessness and negligence of users nor for any detriments incurring loss of data associated with the use or impossibility to use this site even provided RussNeft or its authorized representative is informed about it.