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To ensure the maximum transparency of the dividend calculation and payout 26 May 2017 the Company’s Board of Directors, by its resolution (Minutes №278) approved the restated Regulations on the Dividend Policy (the “Regulations”).

The dividend policy is based balancing the interests of the Company and its shareholders, as well as on the need to make the Company more attractive in terms on investments and its shareholder value. The Company strictly complies with the rights of the shareholders and endeavors to increase their income.

The resolution on the dividends payout (as well as on their amount and form of payout) shall be made by the General Meeting of the Company’s Shareholders and as recommended by the Board of Directors.

These recommendations take account of the following:

  • availability and amount of the Company’s net profit;
  • financing required by the Company to expand its business and implement its development strategy in view of the dividend payout and projected performance for the year;
  • material macroeconomic changes, other internal and external changes that have or may have a material impact on the Company’s future operating performance, force majeure, including natural calamities and wars;
  • the need to balance the interests of the Company and its shareholders, while improving the Company’s investment case and respecting shareholder rights;
  • the Company’s intent to pay out in annual dividends at least 50% of the Company’s net profit available after pro visions are made to finance the approved capital expenditure programme and repay the Company’s outstanding loans.

Annual dividends per a preferred share are stipulated in clause 6.3.1. of RussNeft’s Articles of Association and shall be declared and paid out on condition of the Company’s sufficient profit, determined in compliance with the Articles of Association.

Dividends history of PJSC “RussNeft” (for the last 5 years)

Year Category (Type) of Shares The date of list with the persons entitled to receive the dividends The amount of the declared dividends payable for one share, Rub. Total amount of the declared dividends (excl. deduction of income tax), mln Rub. Total amount of the dividends paid (excl. deduction of income tax), mln Rub.
2018preference2019-07-1125,752 524,652 524,65
2019preference2020-10-1347,154 621,934 621,93
2020preference2021-07-1844,804 391,424 391,42
2021preference2022-10-2050,134 914,224 914,22
2022preference2023-10-10106,2710 417,8910 417,89

¹ preference shares of the Company were initially placed in June 2016.
Dividends for common stock for 2018-2022 were not declared or paid.