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Warning from PJSC RussNeft

PJSC «RussNeft» reports about the reveald facts of fraud connected with illegal use of the Company’s and its subsidiaries’ names in oil and oil products sales business.

Thus, a number of frauds send commercial offers on bitumen, mazut and other oil products sale by e-mail, allegedly on behalf of top managers of «RussNeft» or from feigned authorized agents. Such offers were received by small-scale trading companies in India, China, Great Britain, Italy, Latin America.

To make the information contained in the offers (file 1, file 2, file 3, file 4) convincing, the frauds use, among others, e-mail addresses bearing certain similarity to the real ones.

Addresses used by frauds:


Faked certificates and licenses of Department of Energy, certificates of Chamber of Commerce and Industry are also often used.

If the buyers express their intention to enter the transaction, they are offered to make prepayment on some assumed pretext. Immediately after the funds are received at their account the pseudo sellers disappear from the buyers’ field of vision. In a number of cases contacts with potential buyers are made on behalf of some people, who pretended to be the Company’s authorized agents for oil and oil products sales.

Besides, some frauds create web-sites of feigned oil companies using information from the official corporate web-site of PJSC «RussNeft» (www.russneft.ru). Thus, there was detected the site of «Chernomorneft-Gaz» (http://ccnmng.ru/), «Oktanneft» (http://oktanneft.ru/), «SeverEnergia» (https://sever-energia.ru), TD «RUSSNEFT» (www.td-russneft.ru). The biographies of feigned top-managers and the president, the data about the structure of the company and its subsidiaries found at these sites contain the information fully or partially copied from the official resources of RussNeft and Neftisa.

Some legal entities have names similar to PJSC «RussNeft». These companies are neither subsidiaries of the holding, nor included into the corporate structure or affiliated to it.

On the basis of the above PJSC «RussNeft» declares that the representatives of the said Companies and private persons carrying on talks allegedly on behalf of RussNeft, in fact have no such authorization and their intentions are fraudulent.
Therefore, RussNeft bears no responsibility for commercial offers, transactions and other liabilities of these structures and private persons.

If you doubt the authority of your potential partners please don’t hesitate to contact RussNeft, the official address is:

69, Pyatnitskaya st., Moscow, Russia,115054
+7 (495) 411-63-09
+7 (495) 411-63-25

In case you have become a victim of frauds please apply to law-enforcement bodies at your place of residence.