The Company has a balanced portfolio of assets in Russia in key oil and gas bearing regions (Western Siberia, the Volga-Ural region and Central Siberia). As of January 1, 2019, the Company had 210 million tonnes of reserves under international classification (SPE) of category 2P. Reserves of oil under the Russian classification, categories AB1+B2, make 601 million tons.

The Company's strategy provides for active investment activities aimed at increasing production drilling, commissioning new wells, creating new and upgrading existing infrastructure, and achieving organic growth in the medium term.

The main objectives of RussNeft upstream complex within the framework of the approved development strategy are to ensure growth of hydrocarbon production and growth of reserves.

To achieve these goals a number of efficient production programs have been developed. They make it possible: to form an optimal system of development and production management; to reduce operating costs.

The main activities under these programs:

implementation of engineering and technological solutions for efficient development of low-profit fields;

introduction of innovative methods of oil production intensification and enhanced oil recovery;

improving the efficiency of brownfield operations;

implementation of measures to improve the level of technological support for the oil production process;

monitoring the development of the Holding's fields using permanent geological and hydrodynamic models.