OUr Hotlines

RussNeft provides access to :

“Our enterprises” Hotline, enabling two-way time-efficient communications between management and personnel.

Every worker of the Company can express his insights on working process, share his opinion about solving the problem and ask his questions to any manager of the Company.

All requests should be emailed to hr@russneft.ru

The Hotline also gives an opportunity to determine collective climates in all subsidiaries of the Company.

The hotline is aimed at:

  • increasing satisfaction of the personnel
  • reducing employees turnover
  • keeping high-qualified specialists
  • revealing of motivation preferences of the workers
  • identifying the bottlenecks and causes for employee discontent

Anti-corruption Hotline

RussNeft launched a Hotline within the frames of its Anti-corruption policyfor prompt response and measures aimed to mitigate the Company’s corruption risks.

Messages on possible corruption facts may be left on the hotline answering machine at a phone
number 8 (495) 411-63-33 or e-mailed to bsk@russneft.ru

All messages will be handled and corresponding measures will be taken in response to the reported facts.

Confidentiality of the received information is guaranteed.