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Human Resources Policy

In the field of personnel management policy, PJSC “RussNeft” considers as a priority:

PJSC NK "RussNeft" is a member of the Russian tripartite commission as part of the working group from the RSPP and participates in the discussion of legislative and regulatory acts in the field of labor at the development stages.

The personnel motivation system is focused on the Company's strategy and is aimed at providing competitive remuneration, retaining and developing talents, and supporting the career and professional growth of employees.

The Company is purposefully working to attract, engage and retain the best employees, is attentive to their interests and needs, so that each employee is personally interested in achieving the best results.

The main social programs of the Company are aimed at providing comfortable and safe working conditions, improving the quality of life and work of the Company's employees, material support for pensioners and veterans. The Company has a system of unified social benefits, including basic and additional benefits. These include non-state pension provision, children's health-improving holidays in the Company's social facilities, material assistance in difficult life situations, etc.

The composition of the personnel reserve for the target positions of top and middle managers in the Company's branches is updated annually and the composition of the personnel reserve for the positions of top and middle managers of the Moscow central office is formed.

Every year most of the employees of PJSC “RussNeft” are covered by various programs of additional education, retraining of personnel and advanced training.

In 2020-2022, the personnel policy is aimed at caring for employees and helping those of them who were left in the most difficult situation during the pandemic of a new coronavirus infection in Russia.