D.O.B. April 05, 1975

    Graduated from Samara State Technical University in 1997, specialized in Development and Operation in Oil and Gas Fields.

    Started his career in a position of a well driller, Well Servicing and Workover in 1997, further worked as production engineer in OAO Samaraneftegaz.

    2000-2004 – Director of the workshop in OAO Tomskneft.

    2004-2006– Chief technician of ZAO Volganeft.

    2006-2007 – Deputy General Director for Production in OAO Samarainvestneft.

    2007-2014– General Director of OAO Samarainvestneft.

    2014-2015– Deputy General Director for Production in OAO NK Neftisa.

    Appointed to a position of Vice-president for Production and Geology in June 2015.

    On November 8th, 2016 took over his current post of President of PJSC "RussNeft".



    Senior Vice-President for Economics and Finance

    Born on January 14, 1965.

    Education: Moscow Institute of Management named after S. Ordzhonikidze, majoring in ”Organization of management”, engineer-economist.

    1987-1995 – an economist, junior researcher at the Central Scientific and Research Institute for Economics and Construction Management.

    1995-1997 – Senior State Tax Inspector, Chief State Tax Inspector at the State Tax Inspection of the Republic of Ingushetia.

    1997-1999. – a tax expert, an auditor, Head of Inspection and Review Department of Financial and Industrial Union “BIN”.

    1999-2001 –Deputy General Director for Economy and Finance of OJSC All-Russian Institute of Lightweight Alloys

    2001-2002 - Deputy Director of Monetary and Finance Department of OJSC Oil and Gas Company Slavneft

    Since 2002- Chief Accountant of ОAO NK RussNeft

    2004 - First Vice-President for Economy and Finance of the Company.

    2007-2009 – General Director of NK Safmar

    From January 2010 – Senior Vice-President for Economy and Finance of OAO NK RussNeft.

    In 2004. was awarded with acknowledgement of the Industry and Energy Ministry of the Russian Federation.

  • Aleksandr MALYSHEV


    Vice-president for oil and gas production

    Born on August 21, 1971

    In 1993, graduated from Tomsk polytechnic university<

    1993 - 1995 – oil and gas production operator, foreman, process engineer at NGDU Vahneft, Strezhevoy, Tomsk region

    1995 - 2006 – process engineer, central dispatcher service director, ESP chief specialist, process department head, chief engineer of the oil and gas production department of OAO Tomskneft

    2006 - 2012 – Head of the oil production section of OAO NK “Rosneft” oil recovery department, Moscow

    2012 - 2016 – First Deputy Director General – Chief Engineer of OOO Bashneft-Dobycha, Ufa

    Since 2016 – Vice-president for oil and gas production of PJSC “RussNeft”

  • Magomed-Ali Evloyev


    Vice-president for Commerce

    Born on September 28, 1976 
    Graduated from the Faculty of Economics at the People’s Friendship University of Russia.
    Started his career in Senior Economist position in FPS Bin in 1997. 
    1999 –2000 – worked in the Ministry of the Russian Federation for Antimonopoly Service and Business Support.
    2000 –2002 – regional representative of NGK Slavneft in the Middle East countries, head of International Business Department at OAO NGK Slavneft.
    2002 – 2003 – Deputy Director of the Department at RussNeft.
    2003 –2004 – Deputy Head of the branch office, Deputy General Director of RussNeft UK Limited, London.
    2004 –2011 –  Director of Oil Sales Department at RussNeft.
    2011 –2015 – Deputy General Director for Commerce, General Director, First Deputy General Director for Operations and Commerce at ZAO ForteInvest.
    September 2015 – appointed as Vice-president for Commerce at RussNeft.


  • Andrei DOKHLOV


    Vice-President for Economy and Budgeting

    Born on November 4, 1962.
    20 years of industry experience.
    1984 – Graduated from Kuibyshev Polytechnic Institute named after V.V.Kuibyshev.
    From 1984 to 1994 worked at PA Nizhnevartovskneftegaz at different posts.
    In 1994-1996 – Deputy General Director for Economy at Samotlorneft in Nizhnevartovsk.
    1996-1998 – Deputy General Director for Economy at OAO Nizhnevartovskneftegaz, Nizhnevartovsk.
    1998-2000 – Deputy Chairman of the Board of the Commercial East-European Siberian Bank in Nizhnevartovsk.
    In 2000 Andrei Dokhlov was appointed Deputy General Director for Economy and Finance, then Director for Economy and Finance at Slavneft-Megionneftegaz OAO.
    In 2002 he became Head of Budgeting and Economic Analysis Department of OAO NK RussNeft.
    In January 2006 Andrei Dokhlov was appointed Vice-President for Economy at OAO NK RussNeft, later - Vice-President for Economy and Budgeting.
    In 2004 he was honored with an acknowledgement  from the RF Industry and Energy Ministry.

  • Mikhail Sukhoparov


    Vice President for for Geology and Development

    Born on September 14, 1976
    2001 - graduated from Peoples Friendship University of Russia, Geology and Development of Oil and Gas Fields faculty, with MA diploma.
    2011 - graduated from Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration, National Economy faculty.
    2001 - started his career as a geologist in Vatinskoye Oil and Gas Department of OAO SlavneftMegionneftegaz.
    From 2005 to 2009 -worked at different positions at OAO Belkamneft.
    Since 2009 - Chief Geologist of OAO Belkamneft.
    Since December 2014  - Vice-president for Geology and Development.

  • Dmitry ROMANOV


    Vice-President for Corporate Relations

    Born on August 18, 1963
    In 1984 graduated from the National Economy Institute named after M.V.Plekhanov: specialized in “Industrial Economy” economist 
    1984 -  1992 – an engineer, later – a researcher of the All-Union Scientific and Research Institute of Complex Fuel and Energy Problems at the State Planning Committee of the RF. 
    1992 - 1994 – Advisor in Economics, later – Deputy Director of the Head Department of Privatization at  Fuel and Energy Complex of the State Committee of the RF for national property administration. 
    1994-2003 – Vice-President, Head of Corporate Relations Department and Assets Management of OAO “NGK “Slavneft” 
    2003-2007-  Vice-President for Corporate relations of OAO NK “RussNeft” 
    From 2007 – Head of Moscow Representative Office of the company “GCM Global Energy” (Great Britain) and from January 2010 up to the present time  – Vice President for Corporate relations of OAO NK “RussNeft”.  
    Candidate of Sciences (Economy), “Honored Oilman of the RF”.

  • Aleksandr Permyakov


    Vice-president for Capital Construction

    Born on March 19, 1975
    Graduated from Izhevsk State Technical University, Faculty for Engineering and Construction.

    19 years of total working experience in construction with more than14 years in facilities construction in the Russian oil industry.

    1997-2001 – worked for the organizations and companies engaged in construction as a foreman and a supervisor.
    2002-2008 – managing positions at the oil companies, Head of Operation and Technical Division, Head of Department for Capital Construction (OAO Udmurtneft).

    2008-2011 – Director of OOO Sibur project office for accomplishment of the major investment projects in West Siberia. 

    2011-2016 – Deputy General Director for Capital Construction of PAO Belkamneft.

    May 2016 - Appointed as AO NK RussNeft Vice-president for Capital Construction.





    Vice-president – Director of Department for promising projects and services

    Born on August 18, 1974.
    1996 – graduated from Tomsk Polytechnic University specialized in Management, 1998 – graduated from the same as Oil and Gas Fields Development Engineer.
    In 1998, started working as an economist in OAO Vostochnaya Neftyanaya Kompaniya.
    1999 – 2000 – OAO Vostokgazprom.
    2000 – 2001 – Ministry of Emergencies of Russia, Head of International humanitarian programs department.
    2001 – 2002 – OAO NK Slavneft, Head of Primary resources department.
    2002 – 2011 – OAO NK RussNeft, Deputy Director of Oil sales department.
    2011 – 2015 – OAO NK RussNeft, Director of Oil supplies department, Director of Oil and gas supplies department, Vice-president for Commerce.
    Since 2017 – Vice-president – Director of Department for promising projects and services.