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Code of Business Ethics of PJSC NK RussNeft

Steady development of NK RussNeft in the longer term can’t be achieved without establishing credibility in its relationship with shareholders, investors, contractors, employees and the society as a whole. Confidence can be achieved by maintaining high standards of ethical business practices and taking due care for wider public. In this respect, the Company in its business practices considers it necessary to take into account socially significant aspects of its activity and its responsibility in respect of all parties concerned.

The laws of different countries differ from each other and compliance with them is certainly an essential but not a limiting target.

The Company has developed additional ethical standards of individual and collective behavior, which became the basis of the corporate Code of Business Conduct and shall be applied to all activities and transactions of the Company and its Employees in any place in the world.

The Code of Business Ethics of PJSC NK RussNeft regulates the ethical standards of corporate relationships and adhering to the Code is essential for all employees of the Company.