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RussNeft reported about the completion of the first stage of pilot tests in Saratov region

30.04.2021 MK

The Company continues to implement the gas program

PJSC “RussNeft” has completed the first stage of pilot tests of a new gas treatment unit (GTU) in Saratov region. According to the results of laboratory analysis the quality of gas conforms to STO Gazprom 089-2010.

Construction of the unit at the Vostochno-Rybushansky gathering station is the next stage in the implementation of the Company's gas program. The GTU is designed to treat up to 80 million cubic meters of gas from Pogranichny oil and gas condensate field, which will be fed into the Gazprom gas transportation system.

The gas reserves of RussNeft are estimated at 151 billion cubic meters. The Company's annual gas production is about 2.4 billion cubic meters.

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Sanctions have no impact on oil production and technology

The sanctions restrictions against Russia did not have an impact on the oil production and technology of Russneft. To a greater extent the sanctions affected commodities markets. This was stated to journalists by the head of the company Evgeny Tolochek on the sidelines of the Tyumen Industrial and Energy Forum (TNF). "On production - no, on technologies – mostly no. It had more of an impact on sales markets, probably that`s all," he said. According to Tolochek, Russneft has no problems with either oil services or technology amid foreign companies` withdrawal from Russia.

Cultural tradition development programs of Ugra indigenous people get their continuation

Today it became known that PJSC RussNeft took part in charity programs focusing on promotion of the unique culture and traditional economic activity of the indigenous peoples of the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug – Yugra. 450 thousand rubles have been allocated for the implementation of social projects in 2022, according to the company's press release. The programs also provide for the promotion of the original culture of the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug, as well as the traditional economic activities of indigenous minorities of the region. As specified, financial assistance was provided to organizations undertaking the revival, preservation and development of folk arts, traditional crafts, as well as ensuring the preservation and continuity in the development of traditions. Among such organizations are the Inter-Settlement Center of National Crafts and Trades in the Agan rural settlement and the Salvation of Ugra public organization. The annual indigenous cultural festivals of the North peoples, held in the settlements of the Nizhnevartovsky district, will also receive financial support. Among these holidays are the Day of the Hunter and Reindeer Herder, the Day of Gray Crow Arrival and the Autumn Festival. A professional skills contest for the Ugra Governor`s Cup is held among the reindeer herders of the district. Representatives of the indigenous peoples of Ugra, including the Khanty and Mansi peoples, have lived in this territory for over 10 centuries. The Khanty population is estimated at 31.5 thousand people, while the number of Mansi is 12.5 thousand.

RussNeft сonducts large-scale exercises

PJSC RussNeft has held large-scale exercises in the Saratov region. Emergency response services practiced in crude oil and petroleum products spill containment and response. The exercises took place near the village of Stepnoye of the Soviet Municipal district of the Saratov region, where the company's production facilities are located. Such trainings are held every three years, as they are large-scale in terms of the number of forces and means involved. According to the company's press service, during the exercises the skills of conducting emergency rescue and other urgent works on oil spill containment and response in case of oil ingress into a water body because of pipeline depressurization, were validated in practice. Employees of the Saratov branch, as well as employees of the Saratov territorial division of the Volga Center ECOSPAS and of the fire emergency response unit were involved in the works. A qualified commission assessed the validity and coherence of the exercises. It encompasses representatives of the Russian EMERCOM in the Saratov region, the Ministry of Nature and Ecology of the Saratov region, the territorial bodies of Rosprirodnadzor and Rostechnadzor, as well as a representative of the local administration. After the participants passed all stages, the commission highly appreciated the contribution of each participant. The verdict is that the operator Saratov branch of PJSC RussNeft is prepared for oil and petroleum products spill localization and response.