6 August 2019, 18:49

RussNeft added fish resources to the Ob river basin releasing 650 thousand fingerlings of peled and broad whitefish.

This is not the first experience of the Company. Release of fingerlings is carried out under the supervision of specialists of the Tyumen branch of the All-Russian Research Institute of Fisheries and Oceanography. The investment of RussNeft in the Ob-Irtysh basin fishery amounted to 2 million rubles in 2019.

Annual stocking the regions of oil production with fish makes it possible to systematically restore aquatic biological resources affected by the development of fields in Western Siberia. Activities on artificial reproduction of aquatic biological resources were carried out by RussNeft in the framework of projects for the development of Tagrinskoye and Sredne-Shapshinskoye fields.

About the Company:

PJSC “RussNeft” ranks among the top-10 largest oil companies by crude oil production in Russia.

The Company possesses a well-balanced portfolio of assets located in the key Russian oil and gas provinces (West Siberia, Volga-Urals and Central Siberia) as well as in Azerbaijan.

The headcount of the Company is around 10,000 employees.