18 February 2021, 17:23

During the winter period of 2021 it is planned to bring the mobile drilling rig to drill 3 directional wells with core sampling from producing formations of Tuymen suite. The cumulative remaining recoverable reserves from formations of Tyumen suite presumably make up around 14 mln tons and have low permeability and poor continuity.

RussNeft has gained a similar experience at Peschaniy and Shapshinskaya group of fields, which allows the Company to increase profitability of construction of the new wells to the maximum by means of extending the horizontal sections and multifracs.

There are 2 active pads at Vostochno-Kamennoye at the moment, which are ready to receive the mobile rig.

The wells drilled in 2021 will be tested, stimulated and flowback operations will be performed in winter time in 2022.