23 September 2021, 13:36

The press service of the company said that the introduction of the technology of two-string well design in 2021 will allow PJSC “RussNeft” to save about RUB 1.1 billion.

The two-string arrangement will allow to move from wells with a 168 mm diameter production string and a 114 mm shank end to a structure with one combined production string of 146x114 mm.

How technology will save money

Application of innovative technology will address a number of tasks to optimize the drilling process:

1. Shortening of the construction cycle by 5 days by reducing the number and duration of non-meter operations;

2. Reducing steel intensity by reducing the diameters of production columns;

3. Reducing the volume of drilled rock and the costs of its decontamination and treatment by reducing the diameters of the bore bits;

4. Consistency in equipment the drilling rigs for over 4300 meters boreholes by reducing the steel intensity and the use of combined drilling tools;

5. Exclusion of the use of rotary steerable systems for drilling horizontal sections of more than 1300 meters through the innovative designs of drilling tools and bottom hole assembly;

6. Move from the hydrocarbon drilling mud to the water-based drilling mud due to the introduction of innovative formulations and reducing the cost of hazardous waste disposal;

7. Maintaining the minimum utilities infrastructure preparation of well pads due to the use of upgraded BU-3000EUK drilling rigs without involvement of heavy-duty machinery.

The total reduction in the average cost of wells due to the use of these technological solutions amounted to more than 20% of the total costs for drilling with "168x114" production string arrangement.