16 November 2021, 12:26

In 2021, PJSC “RussNeft” planted about 1 million seedlings. The company earmarked more than 110 million rubles to grow new trees on 227 hectares of Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Area.

RussNeft has been actively engaged in tree planting since 2017 in order to set off emissions. To date, one of the ten largest oil companies in terms of crude oil production in Russia has planted trees on 400 hectares of Western Siberia.

In recent years, reforesting has become the flagship program of the Company's climate agenda. RussNeft considers environmental concern to be one of key priority in the formation of a corporate low-carbon development strategy.

To date, the company owns a balanced portfolio of assets in key oil and gas regions of the country (Central and Western Siberia, Volga-Ural), as well as in Azerbaijan. The Company has about 8,000 employees.